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MacBook Pro Repair

MacBook Repair

MacBook Repair Service in Charlotte, NC  -

Fast and Professional Apple Repair Solutions all at an affordable price.


Fast and Affordable Apple MacBook Repair Solutions.

MacBook Pro


Our award winning technicians have over 30 years experience in iPhone repair. Regularly servicing even the oldest iPhone models such as the iPhone 2G and 3GS! No matter the problem you're facing with your iPhone we can help. Some of the most common issues we repair include:

  • MacBook Screen Repair

  • MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

  • MacBook Battery Replacement

  • MacBook Data Recovery

  • Dead MacBook Repair

  • MacBook Motherboard Repair

  • MacBook Hardware Repair

  • Forgotten MacBook Password

  • MacBook won't connect to WiFi

Why choose us to repair your MacBook?

Have a MacBook in need of repair? Give us a call or Book your repair in today!

Opened MacBook with Apple Logo Glowing


Get your MacBook Screen Repaired today without breaking the bank! Here at We Save Data we offer MacBook repair services at a fraction of the cost of what other stores charge!

Our technicians can offer fast same day professional repair services for all MacBook Air & MacBook Pro models including stocking original Apple Retina Displays. 

All MacBook Screen Repairs come with a complimentary 90 day warranty as standard. If you have a MacBook in need of repair give us a call or make an appointment to have your computer repaired today!

For pricing for your device please contact us or book your device in for repair today!

Apple MacBook Open


Here at We Save Data we are specialists at MacBook Liquid Damage Repair. If you have accidentally spilled water over the computer or dropped a drink onto the keyboard. There's still hope to have it repaired.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we can repair even the most serious liquid damaged MacBook computers.


If you are unsure as to whether or not your MacBook may be liquid damaged we can run diagnostics on your computer and check for you.

We can assist you with:

  • Motherboard Repair

  • Liquid Damaged Components

  • Micro Soldering Repair

  • Dead MacBook Repair​​​

  • ​Not Charging (MacBook stuck on 5V)​

  • MacBook Running Slowly

Have a question? Feel free to call us anytime or make an appointment.

What should I do if I spill liquid on my MacBook?

Side Profile of MacBook Pro


If you ever suddenly find that your MacBook isn't turning on anymore; don't worry! We can help. Almost all no power issues are repairable

Our experienced technicians have helped thousands of clients bring their MacBook back to life, often at only a fraction of the cost other stores have quoted.


Backed by our 90 day warranty as standard, you can rest assured your device will be repaired in no time.


Book your repair in today!

MacBook Keyboard



Unfortunately some issues are not as simple as just replacing faulty parts. In those cases you may have a problem with your MacBook's motherboard. Our technicians have decades of experience performing micro-soldering repair on all iPhone, iPad and MacBook devices.

Our technicians can help in cases such as Backlight Repairs (where the display still functions but looks very dim), MacBooks that are no longer charging, dead MacBooks,  MacBook liquid damage repair and much more.

We can diagnose, troubleshoot and repair dead iPhones, liquid damaged devices, shorted capacitors and more. With a 90 day warranty on all MacBook motherboard repair as standard.


Get your MacBook repaired today!

MacBook Motherboard Repair

The best MacBook Repair in Charlotte, NC

Apple MacBook FAQ & Services

MacBook Pro
  • What should I do if I accidentally deleted pictures?
    First Steps to Take: Stop using your phone - if you've accidentally deleted information from your iPhone or Android phone. It may still be on the device! The first step we recommend to everyone is to stop using the device. Continuing to use your phone may cause any deleted information to be permanently overwritten. Check if you have an old backup -
  • Can my MacBook battery be replaced?
  • How much does a MacBook Repair cost?
  • How long does a MacBook Repair take?
    As with everything else, it depends on the issue your MacBook is having. In many cases we can repair your MacBook the same day, especially when it comes to MacBook Screen Repair, Battery Replacements and software issues which can be repaired in as little as an hour! When it comes to MacBook Motherboard Repairs things become more complex as diagnosing issues will take considerably longer. We aim to repair MacBook motherboard issues within 1-3 business days.
  • Can my MacBook Screen be replaced?
  • Are MacBooks expensive to repair?
  • iPhone Back Glass Repair
  • Bulging & Swollen Batteries
    Bulging and Swollen Batteries If your phone looks like it's starting to swell - it's most likely caused by an old or damaged battery. This is the result of damage to the lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells used in modern smartphones and tablets, leading to a buildup of dangerous flammable gases which can cause the battery to swell over time. We Save Data brings affordable battery replacement services to iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Samsung Galaxy and other cell phones in Charlotte, Concord and the Carolinas. Such damage can have several causes: Overcharging – This can happen especially if you are prone to constantly charging your phone with a fast charging plug or car charger. Heat – Heat caused by overcharging or from other sources can also cause battery swelling. Nowadays it's quite common to see cases caused by constant wireless charging. Accidental Damage - Impacts caused by things like drops or liquid damage can cause the cells in your cell phone battery to fail or even puncture. If you feel like this may be the case, bring your device in for a free, no obligation checkup from one of our certified award-winning technicians. An iPhone 4 with a swollen battery which caused the back glass to break off - an increasingly common sight among older devices Want to learn more about how to take care of your cell phone battery? Read our article about 8 quick & easy tips to extend your phone's battery life! Regardless of why it happened, bloated batteries can be dangerous and can even catch fire or explode. You should not use a device with signs of swelling until the battery has been safely replaced. For safety reasons, please don’t dispose them in your regular household garbage can. If you’re having your iPhone battery replaced by us, we will safely dispose of your old one during the repair process. Because swollen batteries can explode or catch fire, they should be replaced before you start using the device again. Is your battery running out quickly? Get a FREE battery replacement quote now!
  • iPhone Liquid Damage Repair
    One of the most common issues we see in for repair & data recovery are liquid damaged devices. Whether it's iPhones, MacBooks or anything else; when a device becomes liquid damaged - time is of the essence. Corrosion to electronic components will normally occur shortly after liquid comes into contact with the motherboard and can cause serious damage - especially if it affects the CPU or NAND memory. ​ When we receive a liquid damaged devices we will immediately start our cleaning and diagnostics processes which includes testing of vital circuits & components, replacing damaged parts, visual inspections as well as using diagnostics equipment when necessary including thermal imaging of the motherboard & oscilloscopic testing. Once completed we will begin recovering data. No two cases of liquid damage will ever be the same but no matter how bad it is our award-winning technicians will always be there to help. ​ A very heavily liquid damaged MacBook Pro motherboard with corrosion having already set in throughout the whole device. Is your device liquid damaged? Get a FREE quote today!
  • Network Unlocking
  • iPhone Battery Replacement
    Is your iPhone's battery running out quickly? Nowadays many smartphones and tablet computers are sealed units with non-removable batteries. This does have its advantages of course - for instance devices can be slimmer as well as be water-resistant. Something that was significantly more difficult to do with a removable battery. That being said, it also has several major disadvantages, one being that it is very difficult to replace a malfunctioning or old battery yourself. Many companies such as Apple and Samsung charge a premium for this service - if they even do it at all. The good news is that We Save Data brings affordable battery replacement services for the iPhone, iPad, MacBook & Samsung Galaxy in Charlotte, Concord, Huntersville, Matthews and the Carolinas from as little as $40! An iPhone X with a faulty battery that is bulging - a very common sign is that the battery will cause the screen to lift up, usually from the left hand side. Why Choose We Save Data for a Battery Replacement? Quite simply, we have years more experience than most of our competitors. Originally formed in 2009 in a small town in Northern Scotland - we quickly gained national recognition for our repair services; including winning the prestigious Scottish Independent Retail Awards in 2016. Compare that to some random company that popped up six months ago with a window full of overpriced phone cases or worse, some guy on Facebook doing repairs from their bedroom! Even just opening many modern devices to replace the battery can be difficult due to numerous easily-damaged connectors & components. Many modern iPhones have very easily damaged OLED Displays which are very expensive to replace if damaged. Want to learn more about why newer iPhone screens are so expensive? Read our article about OLED Displays here!
  • iPhone Screen Repair
    Replacing your iPhone screen shouldn't be difficult - here at We Save Data we can replace your screen the same day, in most cases while you wait. A cracked screen can cause your phone to get further damaged if left as-is, such as allowing your iPhone to become liquid damaged to enter the phone or causing motherboard damage to occur. Even if your phone said it was water resistant! Unlike most independent repair stores we don't use cheap low quality screens. We are proud to use refurbished or genuine displays as standard for all repairs where possible. You might think this is because we make more money on them - however, that’s not the reason. (In fact, it's quite the opposite; cheap aftermarket copies are popular with many independent repair stores in Charlotte simply because they reduce costs and increase profit margins!). The reason we recommend refurbished screens is, to put simply, because they are of far higher quality and the only type we would want to use ourselves. Should I Care? See for Yourself! Take a look at a recent repair we've carried out which provides a very clear example of the differences. We only recommend to all our clients either genuine or refurbished displays when replacing their screens. Ever since the iPhone X, Apple have used OLED screens on all their devices which gives much higher brightness levels & deep black levels which are just not possible on an LCD display. To learn more about the differences between OLED and LCD Displays read our article here.
  • Is there a warranty?
    Yes, all repairs at We Save Data come with our 1 year parts and labor warranty which means if you have any issues related to the screen, battery, charging port or any other repair, part or service within 1 year we will fix it for FREE!*
  • How much will my repair cost?
    We Save Data repairs smart phones, computers, tablets, and game consoles. Our team can fix nearly all models when repair parts are available. For our most popular repair services we have prices listed on our booking tool where you can find estimated turnaround times too. If you can't find pricing for your device or issue feel free to give us a call on (980) 446-0767 or email at
  • Where are we located?
    We are located at: We Save Data 1001 E W.T. Harris Blvd Ste U Charlotte, NC 28213 Get GPS Locations straight to your phone using the link below:
  • How do I know if my PS5 HDMI is broken?
    Unfortunately this is a very common problem with the Playstation 5, due to cheap manufacturing and poor quality standards the PS5 is notorious for display problems. If you are only seeing a black screen or "no signal" messages on your TV when you turn your PS5 on, you may have a faulty HDMI port. Here are a few ways to tell if this is the case: If your PS5 turns on and a bright white light comes on the screen, but it doesn't show any picture (This was a common issue known as the white light of death on the PS4). Obvious signs of damage to the HDMI port such as broken pins, bent contacts or missing pins on the inside of the HDMI port itself. A missing, misaligned or crooked HDMI port. No Display – The TV saying “no signal” or “no display detected.” A display signal but it’s pixelated or distorted (it may appear to be "jumping" where picture or sound may show for a second before going again) Picture shows up when moving the HDMI cable around. Common reasons for the PS5 HDMI port going bad include constant disconnecting and reconnecting cables into the port, the PS5 falling over or being moved with an HDMI cable still connected into the console or putting a lot of force or pressure onto the port while attempting to insert a cable into the console. “Remember, HDMI ports going bad are extremely common! Unfortunately chances are if you are reading this, you probably have a bad HDMI port.” The easiest way to test your PlayStation 5 HDMI port is to connect the console to another display that you know works such as another TV or computer monitor (meaning it works with other devices using an HDMI cable output) while using another HDMI cable. If the console turns on, but there is only a black screen, a “no signal” message, or it shows a distorted "jumpy" looking screen, then chances are the your PlayStation 5 has a broken HDMI port or in some rare cases a bad HDMI transmitter control IC. Our award-winning technicians at We Save Data fix both of these issues every single day. If you're experiencing these issues give us a call today on (980) 446-0767 or book your repair online with us today!
  • How do I stop my PS5 from Overheating?
    There are several things you can try to prevent overheating. First, if you're having problems with overheating, check to see whether there is any dust inside the console. Dust buildup can cause overheating by blocking airflow. Make sure to keep your console in a place that is cool & well ventilated to ensure good airflow. Also, keep the console away from direct sunlight. And lastly, turn off the system when not in use. If you have tried these steps and your PS5 is still overheating you may need to have it serviced. Here at We Save Data we offer Playstation 5 Overheating Repairs with same day service available. Give us a call on (980) 446-0767 or book online to get your PS5 repaired today!
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