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Data Recovery

Since 2009, We Save Data has recovered data for businesses, individuals and corporations with a 95% success rate. We are the Carolinas most trusted data recovery experts.

Apple MacBook Air

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Here's just a few of the data recovery services we provide

iPhone 13 Pro Max .webp

We specialize in recovering data from all models of iPhones in any condition. Speak to one of our award-winning technicians to find out how we can help you today!

Note 20 Ultra

Breaking your Android Cell Phone doesn't mean your data is lost forever. Using specialised tools and cutting edge techniques we can recover the information you need most.



If you've forgotten your Android or iPhone password, pattern, PIN code or it's no longer accepting your security code. We can use our state of the art tools to unlock your iPhone, Android or Mobile Device and recover your data.*

Hard Drive

We can recover data from Hard Drives (HDD) & Solid State Drives (SSD) with problems such as corruption, physical damage, bad heads & more. Linux, Mac & Windows Devices Supported.


Need data recovered from a device that uses a Solid State Drive? ​ We can recover data from all formats including (M.2, NVME, PCIe & SATA). Physical Damage, Liquid Damage, Corrupted Drives and more supported!

USB Flash Drive

Breaking your Android Cell Phone doesn't mean your data is lost forever. Using specialised tools and world-class

Micro SD Card

Breaking your Android Cell Phone doesn't mean your data is lost forever. Using specialised tools and world-class

PC & Laptop
Data Recovery


Breaking your Android Cell Phone doesn't mean your data is lost forever. Using specialised tools and world-class

Apple Mac
Data Recovery

Apple MacBook

Breaking your Android Cell Phone doesn't mean your data is lost forever. Using specialised tools and world-class


We Save Data can recover the data you need most - using the latest techniques and highly qualified technicians we can help you get what you need... everytime.

Here at We Save Data we use the latest solutions in the data recovery industry to rescue your information. Based on your device we will create a personalized recovery plan to ensure the highest odds of recovery in the safest and fastest way possible. Over the years our technicians have developed in-house solutions as well as using the latest tools and equipment from our partners.

This is absolutely not an exhaustive list of all the methods we use but here are some of the most common methods we use to recover your data:


In situations where repairs are simply not possible a chip off recovery may be the best method of extracting your data. As the name suggests it involves physically removing the NAND memory chip from the motherboard, sometimes even removing multiple chips in the process. This process is extremely delicate - requiring precise heating and cooling processes to remove the chip safely without damage occuring.

Once completed we clean the chip to ensure proper contact with the reader and begin extracting a "dump" of the contents on the memory chip and begin the long and tedious process of error corrections and building a translator to read the contents of a file dump. This process is most commonly carried out on portable devices such as USB Flash Drives, SSD's and computers which use EMMC memory.

Need data recovered from your device? Get a FREE quote today!

Chip Off Data Recovery

A TSOP-48 Memory Chip being read after a Chip Off removal


Monolith Devices such as Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives and other smaller flash devices are some of the most complex devices to perform data recovery from due to their unique "one piece construction" hence why we call this kind of flash storage monoliths. Depending on the device there are several methods we would use but they have something in common. Accessing the memory directly.

On most monolith devices there are specific points that can be used to access the NAND memory directly. In many cases they are so small it can be hard to even see them! Knowing what each of these points do is essential to be able to perform a successful reading. Once we have the correct pin layout maps for the monolith we can then use these points to extract data from the device. After the error correction and translation process we will have successfully completed recovering your data.

Have a monolith device needing recovered? Get a FREE quote today!

Data Recovery from a Micro SD Memory Card

A Micro SD Data Recovery using the Physical Monolith Method


One of the most common issues we see in for data recovery are liquid damaged devices. Whether it's cell phones, macbooks or anything else; when a device becomes liquid damaged - time is of the essence. Corrosion to the electronic components will normally occur shortly after liquid comes into contact with the motherboard and can cause serious damage - especially if it affects the CPU or NAND memory.

When we receive a liquid damaged devices we will immediately start our cleaning and diagnostics processes which includes testing of vital circuits & components, replacing damaged parts, visual inspections as well as using diagnostics equipments when necessary including thermal imaging of the motherboard & oscilliscopic testing. Once completed we will begin recovering data. No two cases of liquid damage will ever be the same but no matter how bad it is our award-winning technicians will always be there to help.

Is your device liquid damaged? Get a FREE quote today!

MacBook Liquid Damage

A VERY heavily liquid damaged MacBook Pro Motherboard


We Save Data can recover the data you need most - no matter what device you have. Our award-winning technicians guarantee total privacy, security and speed.



First book in your device or get in contact with a brief description with the issues you're experiencing with your device. This will allow us to make an accurate diagnosis, determine if the data recovery is possible and send you a detailed quote. Book Online to send your device in to us with a free shipping label.



After your approval, we will begin recovering your data. With a 95% success rate in data recovery, our qualified technicians can quickly and send you a list of the recovered data for you to review. We only send you the invoice after you guarantee that we restored all the data you need.



Depending on the condition of your device, we can return the drive with all the restored data back to you via secure shipping, by loading the files onto a new device, or simply sending it to you via FTP Transfer or Cloud Transfer.

The best Data Recovery Service in Charlotte, NC

Most Commonly asked Questions about Recovering Data

iPhone 12.png

Jay G, Google

An awesome business, they got my photos off of my water damaged iPhone when other shop said it couldn’t be done

Vani H, Google

Michael went above and beyond to repair my phone and get my data back. He did not stop until I finally had a complete carbon copy of my original phone on a new phone back in my hand. I am so thankful for his willingness to go the extra mile and not give up!

Lindsay H, Google

Helped me receive photos, data, and videos that I thought were gone forever! Friendly, professional and made it easy.... Truly grateful!!! Highly recommend!!!


Trusted by clients from around the world, We Save Data has successfully recovered data from over 35,000 devices, from individuals, small business to legal services and non-profit health organizations.

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