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iPhone Repair

Charlotte's top iPhone Repair Center -

We repair what others can't,

all at a price you can afford.


We Save Data is the top service center for Apple iPhone repair in Charlotte, NC. Since 2009, we have performed tens of thousands of repairs ranging from Screen Repair, Liquid Damage to cases requiring intricate motherboard repair. Our award-winning technicians can help get your phone repaired same day - with most being repaired in less than one hour!

Why choose us to repair your iPhone?

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When it comes to screen replacements for your iPhone, We Save Data is the top service center for iPhone Screen Repair in Charlotte, NC.


We use only the highest quality screens when repairing your device stocking only OEM quality displays or the highest quality aftermarket displays. When repairing your device our technicians will replace your old gaskets, clean speaker grills and ports as standard to make your phone both look - and feel - like a new device. 

Learn more about the differences in screen quality that repair stores use here


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We Save Data is the top service center for iPhone Back Glass repair in Charlotte. By using the latest cutting-edge laser technology we can safely replace the iPhone back glass with a near factory finish every time. Do you need to have your iPhone back glass replaced?

Why do we use a laser machine to replace an iPhone Back Glass?


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Back of iPhone


Is your battery not holding a charge like it used to anymore? We can replace your battery in less than 30 minutes for any iPhone model. Our original capacity batteries will have your phone back up and running just like new!

Did you know replacing your battery could speed up your phone?


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iPhone Battery


We Save Data is the #1 most recommended repair center for Apple iPhone Devices in Charlotte, NC. Since 2009, we have performed thousands of liquid damage repairs across the Apple iPhone lineup ranging from small spills to complete vacation disasters. No matter how bad the damage may be - we're here to help get your device back to life.

What should I do if I spill liquid on my iPhone?


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Unfortunately some issues are not as simple as just replacing faulty parts. In those cases you may have a problem with your iPhone's motherboard. Our technicians have decades of experience performing micro-soldering repair on all iPhone, iPad and MacBook devices.

We can diagnose, troubleshoot and repair dead iPhones, liquid damaged devices, shorted capacitors and more. With a 1 year warranty on all motherboard repair as standard.


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If you ever suddenly find that your iPhone isn't turning on anymore; don't worry! We can help. Almost all no power issues are repairable

Our experienced technicians have helped thousands of clients bring their devices back to life, often at only a fraction of the cost other stores have quoted.


Backed by our 1 year warranty as standard, you can rest assured your device will be repaired in no time.


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We Save Data are the iPhone Data Recovery specialists of Charlotte, NC. If your iPhone is completely dead, been ran over or liquid damaged, we can help. Our technicians have assisted thousands of clients recover priceless photos, contacts, notes and more for our clients. All without breaking the bank.

Find out more about iPhone Data Recovery here


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iPhone Data Recovery

The best iPhone Repair in Charlotte, NC

Common iPhone issues we see regularly

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Total Repair


We repair more than just your everyday phone repair shop. Our technicians can repair any model of device you have - including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Motorola and much, much more

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More Repairs than anyone else

Whether you need a phone screen repair, LCD replacement, water damage repair or any of our tech repair services, you can always be sure that your device is in expert hands. 

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Our expert technicians have been recognized for their skills in numerous tech publications as well as at the international level - winning at the prestigious Scottish Independent Retail Awards in 2016.

Smartphone Store

An Unbeatable Warranty

All of our repairs come with a complimentary 1 year warranty. This includes screen repairs, charging port replacement, motherboard repair & more!

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